A Note About Why.  WikiPima is a student-initiated organization at Pima Community College. Following the HLC report which identified operational and cultural issues at the college that needed correction, some students felt that experiences at the ground level were not being included nor addressed in the administration’s response. Additionally, the college had structured its newspaper in such a way that students not enrolled in journalism courses were excluded from contributing articles and a voice to their community. Consequently, this organization was created as a more democratic forum for participation, with a particular emphasis on investigative assessments of ongoing process failures at Pima.

Member volunteers are encouraged to lend a hand to this important mission.

A Note About Our Style.  This is a forum for citizen journalism concerning Pima Community College.  Therefore, many voices will be heard, differing in style, tone, focus.  While we edit for clarity and form, WikiPima does not strive to homogenize.  Therefore, some posts may seem very personal; some may seem academic.  Citizen contributions will follow the style of the contributor.  Volunteer staff stories will follow an analytical style of writing, rather than a descriptive style.  Wiki strives to ensure that all stories are true, to the extent that there is any objective truth:  to this end, writers will make it clear where facts and opinions intersect and biases will be disclosed.  Transparency is fundamental to our mission, with rights reserved to protect sources when relevant…remember, staff and faculty are public figures, students are not.

A Note About Our Status.  As stated, Wiki is a student-initiated organization with allies in the community at Pima and in Tucson.  The scope of Wiki’s interest in operations at Pima is broad and the articles will cover issues ranging from political drivers to representing individual student voices.  Wiki is building its base.  Organizers have submitted paperwork to the college for recognition as a formal club under PCC’s purview; when that process is complete, organizers will request funding and space support, as available to all official clubs.  Wiki operates both within and outside of the college in its mission.

All original content is copyrighted, with fair use permissible if hyperlinked to the source.